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Citrine Culture specializes in teaching Gender Identity concepts to a variety of audiences. By beginning with a foundational understanding of Gender Identity, we can then build on this knowledge and tailor for your community or organization. We have worked with a variety of audiences: University, Sports, Non-Profit, Start-ups, Government and Military.

We are skilled at creating custom solutions for you which meet the specific needs of your organization. Sessions can be more interactive or instructional based on what works best for you. We will work with you to define goals and objectives so that we can make a meaningful and measurable difference.


We partner with university programs to teach on the continuum of Gender Identity and work with students on how they can meaningful engage with and uplift the LGBTQIA2S+ community. 


Citrine Culture workshops provide a more interactive and experiential learning experience. These workshops prioritize hands-on activities, collaboration, and experiential learning about Gender Identity.


Training sessions typically focus on a specific skillset like allyship, how to use pronouns, or how to implement a new gender-inclusive policy. These sessions include (1) introducing new knowledge or policy, (2) practicing related skills, and (3) enhancing performance. 

Conferences and Events

We are prepared to support your retreat, conference, or event, no matter the industry. Citrine Culture is experienced at creating space for conversations about Gender Identity that create room for growth and inspiration.

Leadership Coaching

It is important for leaders to model inclusive behaviors, and more importantly it is important for them to understand why these behaviors are important. Our Leadership Coaching pairs new skills with a mindset shift so that organizational change is lasting.

Community Building

Not sure how to create a supportive space for queer folks within your organization? Together we can assess your needs and create a clear path forward to inclusion and support for the queer and trans individuals in your organization.

Document Review

Citrine Culture provides review services for anything you can thinking of: Hiring Documents, Standard Operating Procedures, Website and Social Media, Marketing Materials, Job Posts, and Stories or Videos. 

Survey and Study Support

Together we can ensure that your target audience feels safe enough to respond with authenticity, and that when they do respond we can speak about the results while ensure people’s identities are respected.


Experienced Subject Matter Experts at Citrine Culture can pull from both lived and learned experiences to ensure you are accounting for LGBTQIA2S+ perspectives in your daily practices. 

We can help you prioritize the inclusion of queer and trans folks in your organization, so that everyone can show up as their full self. Our goal is to create space for people of all genders to be able to participate fully, authentically, and safely in our organizations.