Gender Diversity in Sports

Even though many sports operate on a binary, gendered system, gender itself is not binary. Therefore, these systems are built to exclude people that exist outside the binary view of gender. There are two questions we can ask ourselves when talking about trans inclusion in sports:

  • If we can’t change the binary structure, how can we support trans and nonbinary folks who do not experience gender in a binary way?
  • If we can change the structure, how can we include and support trans and nonbinary people?

The focus of this workshop is to first describe the difference between Gender Identity and Assigned Sex. By creating this distinction, we create a shared language so that we can engage in conversations about trans inclusion in sports accurately and respectfully.

After this workshop, everyone should leave with the following skills:

  • Speaking about Assigned Sex with the correct language.
  • Speaking about Gender Identity with the correct language.
  • How to use Gender Inclusive Language.

Is this workshop not quite what you are looking for?

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