Pride Month

Pride Month is a great time to celebrate the beautiful diversity under the LGBTQIA2S+ umbrella and engage LGBTQIA2S+ allies to prepare them for year-round allyship. Pride workshops will include baseline education on Gender Identity, how to be more inclusive using language, and how to transform this knowledge into action. The design of these sessions allows all participants to familiarize themselves with the concept of Gender Identity, as well as prepare themselves for conversations with clients, co-workers, and the public about Gender Identity.

Pride workshops are generally a combination of Education-based, Skills-based, and Connection-based components. Based on the goals of you or your organization these components can be mixed and matched to support your specific objectives.

  • Education-based: Facilitator shares information with the group to educate the basics of Gender Identity. This includes other foundational information-sharing: LGBTQIA2S+ terms and concepts, differentiating Gender Identity from Sexual Orientation and Assigned Sex, and learning about LGBTQIA2S+ history.
  • Skills-based: Facilitator shares applicable skills and support the group in their understanding of and application of these skills. This includes learning about the importance of Pronouns, how to use Gender Identity labels correctly and respectfully, and how to use Gender Inclusive Language.
  • Connection-based: Facilitator engages the group in conversations about the LGBTQIA2S+ experience, sharing from personal experience and empowering individuals in the group to share. These components are interactive and highly experiential, and may include break-out groups to facilitate more intimate discussion.

The focus of these workshops is generally:

  • To personify, validate, and celebrate the LGBTQ+ Experience
  • Equip allies with the skills they need to be allies year-round

Is this workshop not quite what you are looking for?

All workshops are completely customizable and able to be tailored to your group-learning or individual-coaching needs. Contact Us to discuss options that will work for you.

Some More Cool Projects

Gender Diversity in Sports

Transgender exclusion in sports is based on discrimination, not facts. This workshop explores how people can be more inclusive and equips people for conversations about gender diversity in sports.

Transgender Day Of Remembrance

The Transgender Day of Remembrance is an annual vigil held on November 20th. This workshop educates participants on the history of this day and equips folks people for conversations about gender identity and allyship.